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Tupelo: The  Finer Honey

Tupelo honey includes the type of honey that is made from the blossoms of tupelo gum tree, Nyssa aquatic. Tupelo gum tree grows in states such as Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia. Honey made from the white tupelo gum tree, Nyssa ogeche, is a top quality table honey which is known for its delicious flavor and […]


What is Honey and How is it Made?

Honey has always been held in high regard for centuries. In fact, honey was considered as the food of the gods. Most of us use honey regularly in our daily lives in various ways, as an alternative to sugar, or a sweetener or for its valuable health benefits. But have you ever wondered where it […]


How It’s Made – Tupelo Honey

Where does honey come from? Everyone knows that bees make honey.  After all, on TV, we see pictures of round hives, with bees buzzing to and fro, bringing pollen inside and POOF!  There’s honey.  But…how does it really go from something that makes humans sneeze, to something sweet and delicious we can eat, and how […]